Chris Brown at the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game

Like every year, Chris Brown participated at the Power 106’s celebrity basketball game on Sunday, September 11 in Los Angeles. All profits go to Homeboy Industries #schoolsnotprisons.

Breezy showed off, once again, his basketball skills. See below :

Mom Breezy and auntie Christine attended also the event to show their support. Keke Palmer, who was also at the game, wrote a beautiful letter on Instagram where she shows her admiration and support to Chris :

When your peers are also a source of inspiration. Thank you Chris, for everything you have done. Your style, your talent, your vision .. You changed the game in 2005. Music would not be the same without your influence, we need you! Everybody wanna be famous, but THE GAG IS, it’s one of the most traumatic things anyone can experience. Especially as a young person. Yet, you’re still here and you’re still one of the best performers our world’s seen, even in your hard times. You became a legend to me when the world counted you out and you still made “In My Zone” 1 AND 2 and ultimately got your Grammy for FAME #trendsettah. You showed me I didn’t have to be who the world wanted me to be. Just know we love you bro and your humanity, me and the kids are always rooting for you!! #IWannaDanceLikeCB 🙌🏾” – Keke Palmer.

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